16 Cup Rice Cooker – Pot-Style by Aroma

16 Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer – Pot-Style Aroma

16 cup rice cooker

16 Cup Rice Cooker

This NutriWare Stainless Steel 16 Cup Rice Cooker perfectly prepares rice and whole grains. The stainless steel steam tray inserts over the inner cooking pot, so meat and vegetables can steam while rice or grains simultaneously cook below for a nutritious, easy-to-make meal.

This versatile 16 cup rice cooker is also able to prepare delicious soups, beans and stews as well. All food contact surfaces are made completely of polished 304-grade surgical stainless steel. The stainless steel inner cooking pot removes for quick cleanup. Includes recipes from Cooking with Grains by Coleen and Bob Simmons.

16 Cup Rice Cooker Features:

  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 16 cups of cooked rice or grains (2 to 8 cups uncooked)
  • All cooking surfaces are made of non-reactive 304-grade surgical stainless steel
  • Automatically switches to keep-warm function once rice or grains are finished cooking, assuring the perfect results every time
  • The surgical stainless steel steam tray steams proteins and/or vegetables, even while rice is cooking for an entire, nourishing meal in just one appliance
  • Includes recipes from Cooking with Grains by Coleen and Bob Simmons
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